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  • Kehila News in Hebrew

    Community news, opinions, blogs, teaching by and about the Messianic community in Hebrew.

  • Song Database

    Searchable database of albums and songs by the community with options to listen or buy

  • Product Database

    Searchable database of products for sale by the community such as books, CD’s, artwork, jewelry, etc.

  • Learning Center - Teaching Article Database

    Searchable library (in multiple languages) or archives of teaching articles written by the community including recent and past materials.

  • Messianic Business Directory

    Searchable directory of businesses and service providers within the Israeli Messianic community such as electricians, graphic designers, translators, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc.

  • Christian Tours Directory

    Centralizes publicly advertised tours to Israel by Christian ministries, churches, etc.

  • Volunteer Board

    Matchmaking board for

    1. Organizations in Israel seeking volunteers and
    2. Locals/foreigners seeking volunteer opportunities in Israel
  • Job Board

    Matchmaking board for

    1. Organizations in Israel seeking employees and
    2. Locals/foreigners seeking job opportunities in Israel
  • Crowdfunding Board

    Searchable list of fundraising projects by Messianic organizations or individuals such as youth trips, medical procedures, congregation van, producing an album, tuition fees, etc.

“Kehila” (K’hee-lah) is the Hebrew word for both “Community” and “Congregation”